Payment Processing Solutions

Whether you are new to the payment processing industry or just looking to switch from your current provider, BEBUOY has your back 100%. Our payment solutions are designed to help you grow your business while reducing your payment costs & building loyalty. We offer a variety of payment options tailored to your needs, with or without a POS!


See Why Thousands Have Switched

LOWEST RATES, NO FLUFF!!!  See how Merchant Services from BEBUOY can help you save money and securely process credit & debit cards today!

Establishing a merchant account with BEBUOY fast, simple, and FREE!  Start accepting all major credit & debit cards and receive competitive processing rates without any padded or hidden fees.  Already accepting cards?  Our Client Service Specialists will perform a rate review to ensure that you receive the lowest processing rate available.  Speak to a team member today for your FREE rate quote.  Ask about how your merchant account can even qualify you for LOW OR NO OUT OF POCKET POS EQUIPMENT!

It's All About The Experience

Let's face it. With all the processors in the market, choosing the right company can be a hassle. BEBUOY has been partnered with industry leaders in payment processing for over a period. Our partnership gives us the ability to offer you the most competitive rates, keeping more money in your pocket.  Our mission is to offer you the highest quality of services and keep our partnership with you for many years to come.  That's why our client have been loyal year after year!

Business Security

FREE EMV TERMINALS!!!  Enable your business to accept EMV Chip Cards for enhanced security and peace-of-mind, for FREE!  Ask us how!  EMV solutions use tokenization, replacing sensitive cardholder data with a random alphanumeric value, a solution not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards.  Merchants not accepting EMV payments may incur increased liability for data breaches and chargebacks.

  • Industry Leading Solutions for Speed & Proven Service Uptime
  • Mobile EMV True Pay at Table Solutions
  • Offline EMV Payment Acceptance
  • Bar Tab Pre-Authorizations
  • NFC Payments with major PSP's
  • Enhanced Security Features for PCI Compliance

Our Benefits

Processing credit & debit cards with BEBUOY offers great benefits for you and your business which include…

  • Family Owned & Processing for upcoming time
  • Single 24/7 Contact for POS & Payment Solutions
  • POS Integrated & Stand-Alone Terminal Solutions
  • Countertop, Online & Mobile Payment Processing
  • EMV Chip Card & NFC Payment Security
  • Accept RuPay, American Express, MasterCard & VISA
  • FREE EMV Payment Terminals Available
  • Affordable Full POS Hardware & Software Packages
  • Available Next Day Funding
  • 4G Automatic Backup Solutions Available

Grow Your Business With Gift Cards

MAKE AN IMPACT!!  Gift card sales are expected to be a Multi Billion dollar industry!  Not only do we design custom gift cards for your single or multi-store business, our gift cards solutions are built directly into your POS system or credit card processing terminal.  Gift cards also double as FREE advertising that customers see every time they open their wallets!

  • Personalized Gift Card Design Services
  • Single to Multi-Store Gift Card Programs
  • Variable or Preset Card Values
  • Integrated Into Your POS or Payment Terminal
  • Multi-store solutions with eNACH funds transfers and Cross-Store Reconciliation
  • Virtual Gift Card Website Sales Available
  • Online Tracking & Reporting

How To Get Started

There is absolutely no risk or obligation to get started.  You will receive a FREE quote based on your individual business!  Get started today by calling our Client Services Team at +91-80-416-10006.  Kindly provide your:

  • Basic Business Information
  • Owner or Principal Contact
  • Current or Estimated Average Ticket & Sales Volume
  • Recent Credit Card Statements (if existing)